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Welcome to the portal for all information on Alexander Hamilton, Founding Father of the United States. This is your main source for resources and publications on Alexander Hamilton.  

Browse through compilations of original source documents, books, videos, educational resources, and information about the time period in which Alexander Hamilton lived. Enjoy discovering more about this incredible Founding Father. 


Who is Alexander Hamilton?

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Don't know much about Alexander Hamilton? He led a remarkable life. Born on the Caribbean island of Nevis, Hamilton overcame his humble and challenging beginnings to become an indispensable Founding Father of the United States. Find out more!

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All Places Hamilton

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Have history come alive by visiting it up close and personal. AllPlacesHamilton is a compilation of locations related to Alexander Hamilton. Tour where Hamilton was born, lived, fought, worked and died to get a better sense of his life and events that occured during his lifetime. 

Some of these sites include:

Hamilton Database

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Check out Hamilton-related artifacts, including the pistols used in the duel between Burr and Hamilton. Browse documents written by Hamilton and his contemporaries. See portaits and paintings from this era. Our Hamilton database includes a variety of virtual collections. 

Visit our online galleries to see:

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