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Place Name: Hamilton Grange

Address: 414 West 141st Street, New York, NY (St. Nicholas Park)

Brief Description of Role/Purpose: The Grange is the only house that Alexander Hamilton ever owned. It was finished in 1802, and Hamilton lived in it only in the last two years of his life.

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The Grange is the only house that Alexander Hamilton ever owned. Hamilton hired the prominent architect John McComb, Jr., famous also for designing the Gracie Mansion and New York City Hall. The house was designed in the federal style and was completed in 1802. It was situated on a 32-acre plot of land, which Hamilton purchased in the upper part of Manhattan in today’s Harlem. There was a beautiful prospect from the two piazzas toward the East River and the Hudson. Hamilton called it his “sweet project” and named it “The Grange” after his grandfather's estate in Scotland. Hamilton lived in it only the last two years of his life. Since its original location, the house was moved twice, its final location being in St. Nicholas Park, just a couple of blocks away from its original spot and still within the borders of the original 32-acre estate.

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