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Alexander Hamilton - Founding Father, George Washington's 'right-hand man', first Secretary of the Treasury, lawyer, statesman, visionary, and architect of the American economic system. Arriving to the U.S. as a young, penniless immigrant, he not only embodied the American dream - he helped create it.

Learn who Alexander Hamilton was and what he did. Test your knowledge or brush up on your facts. Challenge the conflicting opinions that surround him. Visit where Hamilton visited. Discover just how far-reaching his influence on modern-day America is. Meet Alexander Hamilton.


A brief biography on Alexander Hamilton's life. 


View the major events of Hamilton's life in timeline format. 


Read sayings from Alexander Hamilton on a variety of topics.

All Places Hamilton

Learn about the places where Hamilton lived, worked, and made history. 

Hamilton's Greatest Hits

Wonder what exactly Hamilton has contributed to America? See his "greatest hits."

Myths and Half-Truths

Investigate the misconceptions and unresvoled controversies surrounding Hamilton.

Trivia and Quizzes

Learn interesting facts and test your Hamilton knowledge. 

Hamilton's Top 10

Learn about Alexander Hamilton's "Top Ten" Contributions

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