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All Places Hamilton
Interesting in exploring Alexander Hamilton's life through the places he knew? Looking to find information on his connection to famous historic sites? Curious about historic locations near you and whether Alexander Hamilton visited them? The All Places Hamilton database can help you locate and learn about Hamilton's links to historic sites.

Welcome to the All Places Hamilton online database

The All Places Hamilton database provides, for the first time ever, a comprehensive collection of historic sites associated with Alexander Hamilton. Any historic location that Alexander Hamilton visited during his lifetime has been designated an "All Places Hamilton site." These sites can be found in the Caribbean and ten of the original thireen states, and include where he was born, homes in which he lived, sites of Revolutionary battles in which he fought, government buildings in which he served, and where he is buried. 

Each All Places Hamilton site has an individual profile page in the database that includes a brief description of the site's history, a more in-depth look at Alexander Hamilton's connection to the site, additional educational resources, and present-day visiting information. 

Brought to you by the Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society 

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This original database was created by the Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society (the AHA Society) to serve as an educational resource to the public. Also as part of the All Places Hamilton initiative, the AHA Society holds events at All Places Hamilton sites throughout the year - visit the Events and Programs page on theAHAsociety.org to learn about past and upcoming events at sites that interest you.

Please note that the online All Places Hamilton database is still growing. The AHA Society will continue to add profiles for many more locations that have been designated as an All Places Hamilton site. Help the AHA Society expand the All Places Hamilton database by donating now

Follow Hamilton's footsteps to see his footprint on America 

Many locations listed still exist and are visitable. One of the goals of All Places Hamilton is to encourage people to visit these historic places and get a better sense of Alexander Hamilton's life up close. History seems much more alive when you visably see it where it took place - take advantage of the preservation efforts of the National Park Service, state governments, and private societies to tour these sites yourself!

When you visit an All Places Hamilton location, let them know that the AHA Society sent you! For example, you can sign the guest register and follow your name with “AHA!” That way, these sites are aware of the AHA Society’s support for their location. This is a special initiative to encourage historic sites to highlight Alexander Hamilton more. Thank you for your participation! 

Explore All Places Hamilton sites by region:

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