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Though Alexander Hamilton is most associated with New York, he has many strong connections with New Jersey. When Alexander Hamilton first arrived to what would soon become the United States, he moved to New Jersey for preparatory school before college. He spent a great deal of the Revolutionary War in New Jersey, including three winter encampments with George Washington. During one of those winter encampments, he courted and became engaged to his future wife.

Later in life, he also helped found the city of Paterson and create the country's first planned industrial city. Hamilton also oversaw troops in New Jersey during the Quasi-War. And, perhaps most famous of all, it was in Weehawken that Alexander Hamilton met Aaron Burr at the dueling grounds and received the gun shot wound that ended his life.

New Jersey Sites

Academy at Elizabethtown, Elizabeth
The preparatory academy that Hamilton attended 1772-1773

Boxwood Hall, Elizabeth
Home of Elias Boudinot and family

Liberty Hall, Union
Home of William Livingston, Governor of New Jersey 

Arnold Tavern, Morristown
Washington's winter headquarters in Morristown 1777

Ford Mansion, Morristown
Washington's winter headquarters in Morristown 1779-80

City established by Alexander Hamilton and the SUM

Wallace House, Somerville
Washington's winter headquarters for the 1778-79 Middlebrook encampment

Dueling Grounds, Weehawken
Dueling grounds where both Hamilton and his son received their fatal wounds 

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