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Myths and Misconceptions - Alexander Hamilton was US President

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Misconception: "Alexander Hamilton was President of the United States"

The Facts:

The first three Presidents of the United States and their terms of office were:

  1. George Washington (1789-1797)
  2. John Adams (1797-1801)
  3. Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809)
Alexander Hamilton died in 1804, during Thomas Jefferson's presidency. Though Hamilton contributed a lot to structure of the Presidency (particularly during George Washington's adminstration), he was never President himself  - though he could have been
It is sometimes incorrectly assumed that because Alexander Hamilton is on US currency (currently the $10 bill), he was a US President. However, like Benjamin Franklin, who is on the $100 bill, Alexander Hamilton is featured on the currency for many other accomplishments, despite not having served as US President. Hamilton was the first US Secretary of the Treasury and was one of the key Founding Fathers in creating the United States' financial and political systems. 

Conclusion: Alexander Hamilton was not a US President.

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