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hamilton oval portrait b n wAlexander Hamilton led a remarkable and rather unusual life. Despite his underprivledged upbringing, Hamilton worked tirelessly to achieve many great things. However, few people know much about him.

Become more familiar with Hamilton and the world he lived in by reading through interesting trivia. 

Think you already know a lot about Hamilton? Test yourself with a few quizzes on Hamilton's life and see how well you really do! Also try your hand at quizzes about colonial American, the American Revolution, and the nation-forming period of the United States.

These collections are sponsored by THE AHA SOCIETY as well as other groups.

THE AHA SOCIETY will be continuously adding new trivia and quizzes on different topics about Alexander Hamilton and related people or events. Check back often for new additions.  

Trivia and Quizzes sponsored by THE AHA SOCIETY

Trivia: Alexander Hamilton, the Advocate
Trivia: Alexander Hamilton and the Constitution
Trivia: Alexander Hamilton and the Federalist Papers
Trivia: Alexander Hamilton and the Military
Trivia: Alexander Hamilton is "Right on the Money"
Trivia: Alexander Hamilton and George Washington
Trivia: Alexander Hamilton - Founding the Nation  
Trivia: Alexander Hamilton - Founding the Nation (Part 2)
Trivia: The Hamilton-Burr duel (coming soon)
Trivia: Hamilton and Finance (coming soon)
Trivia: Hamilton and Education (coming soon)
And more...

Third-party Quizzes and Trivia about Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton: Life of the Party
People Quiz - Alexander Hamilton
People Quiz - Founding Fathers
Hamilton College - Alexander Hamilton Trivia
New-York Historical Society - Hamilton IQ (answers currently deactivated) 
Proprofs.com - Alexander Hamilton Trivia

Third-party Quizzes and Trivia about Hamilton's America

PBS - The Road to Revolution
PBS - Your Constitution IQ
Early America - Constitution Quiz
ConstitutionFacts.com - "Real or Fake" Quiz
ConstitutionFacts.com - What's your Constitution IQ?
National Constitution Center - Which Founder are you?

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