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Alexander Hamilton: Founding the Nation (Part 2)

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leaders of continental congressTrivia: Founding the Nation

Alexander Hamilton was instrumental to the founding of the United States - he was extremely active in the political scene during the post-war period. His involvement included the Congress of the Confederation, the Constitutional Convention, the Federalist Papers, and the New York Ratification Convention. This set of trivia focuses on some of the things Alexander Hamilton did during the time period between the Revolutionary War and George Washington's inauguration. 

 Did you know? 
  • Hamilton was the only delegate from New York to sign the US Constitution. 
  • Alexander Hamilton was one of only seven foreign-born signers of the Constitution (out of a total 39 signers).
  • Hamilton was the first to publish a letter in defense of the Constitution. This article was published in the New York Independent Journal on Oct. 2, 1787, only two weeks after the Constitution was signed.1
  • Hamilton first came up with the idea for the Federalist Papers while traveling from Albany to New York City on a sloop on the Hudson river. By the time he arrived to New York City, he had already completed Federalist #1.
  • Hamilton wrote 51 of the 85 Federalist essays. James Madison wrote 29 and John Jay wrote 5 essays.
  • The New York Ratification Convention for the Constitution was held in the old Dutchess County Courthouse in Poughkeepsie, NY.
  • Hamilton made speeches - often for 3-6 hours a day - over 6 weeks at the New York Ratification Convention to convince delegates to ratify the Constitution. 
  • The delegates at the Ratification Convention were originally 46 against ratifying and 19 for. Those 46 delegates had also signed a loyalty oath the the New York Governor that they would never vote to ratify the Constitution. Thanks in large part to Hamilton's speeches, strategy, and efforts, the final vote was 30 for to 27 against. 
  • New York officially ratified the Constitution on July 26, 1788.

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