Hamilton and Washington Trivia

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Beginning in the Revolutionary War, George Washington and Alexander Hamilton developed a partnership that lasted over 22 years. First as Washington's aide-de-camp and soldier, then as a fellow statesman, then as Washington's Secretary of Treasury, Hamilton was a valuable advisor under Washington. Learn some interesting facts about their partnership with the trivia below.

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As a Revolutionary War Soldier and Aide-de-Camp

  • When George Washington read the Declaration of Independence aloud for the first time to his troops, Alexander Hamilton was present (in New York on July 9, 1776).1 
  • Alexander Hamilton served as George Washington's aide-de-camp for over four years.
  • Hamilton served as a translator with the French officers and troops, including at important conferences for joint strategy.
  • Hamilton acted a a key spy master, gathering intelligence and planning initiatives to mislead the British on American strategy.
  • Washington entrusted Hamilton with important missions, such as acquiring more troops from the General Gates, gathering supplies for troops in Philadelphia, and burning stored food supplies to prevent them from falling into British hands.
  • During an British ambush near Schuylkill River, Hamilton escaped by swimming across the river. When he returned to Washington's headquarters, Washington had already received a letter reporting that Hamilton had been killed.
  • Hamilton was present for the discovery of Benedict Arnold's plot to betray West Point to the British. When Arnold escaped, Washington sent Hamilton to try to capture Arnold before he reached the British.

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As a Statesman and as a General

  • Hamilton was George Washington's first cabinet member to be appointed.
  • As a member of Washington's cabinet from 1789-1795, Hamilton had an extremely influential role in creating or shaping major policies in both Washington administrations.
  • While sitting President, George Washington gathered more than 12,000 militia to march to western Pennsylvania to disperse the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794. After leading the troops part-way, Washington turned them over to Henry Lee and Alexander Hamilton (still Secretary of Treasury), putting them in charge of resolving the social unrest.
  • Hamilton wrote the draft that was used for Washington's Farewell Address.
  • When George Washington reentered into military service to prepare for a possible war with France (1798), he made an unprecedented request that Alexander Hamilton be named his second-in-command.
  • After Washington's death, Hamilton served as Major General of the American Armed Forces into 1800.

washingtons farewell address mural hamilton


  • Hamiton helped to convince Washington to preside as President at the Constitutional Convention.
  • Hamilton also helped to convince Washington to accept the nomination for the Presidency.
  • Hamilton became the second President-General of the Society of the Cincinnati; George Washington was the first.
  • The last letter that George Washington ever wrote to be sent outside Mt. Vernon was to Alexander Hamilton.
  • Hamilton and Washington advocated for many of the same things, including for a military school to be established at West Point. Hamilton's detailed plans included what classes should be taught and how many professors should be hired. Their vision would be realized in 1802 with creation of the United States Military Academy.

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