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Timeline: Alexander Hamilton's Military Service

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alexander hamilton generalAlexander Hamilton led a distinguished military career during the Revolutionary War and Early Republic era. With his military service spanning 25 years, Hamilton rose to the rank of Major General during the Quasi-War with France. As a public servant, Alexander Hamilton also had a profound impact on the creation of the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, and West Point Military Academy. This timeline covers Hamilton's involvement in and contributions to the early U.S. military.

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Also, see a complete timeline of Alexander Hamilton's whereabouts during the Revolutionary War.

Alexander Hamilton's Military Service on Dipity.


Using the Timeline

Scroll through the timeline, zoom in or out to view more dates, and click on each event to read the description of what happened on that date.

You can also click to view the events in 'flipbook' mode (showing each date and the accompanying large picture), or 'list' mode (which shows the event description and small thumbnail photo).

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