Morristown, New Jersey

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What happened here:

Place name(s): Winter Encampment at Arnold's Tavern; Winter Encampment at Ford Mansion; Schuyler-Hamilton House

Location: Morristown, New Jersey

Event in Hamilton’s life: 

Alexander Hamilton, along with the rest of the Continental Army, camped in Morristown during the Winter Encampment of 1777. It was during this time that Alexander Hamilton became an aide-de-camp to Washington, a position he would hold for more than four years.

Two years later, the Continental Army returned to Morristown for the 1778-1779 Winter Encampment. This time, George Washington and his staff - including Alexander Hamilton - stayed at the Ford Mansion. Morristown was also where Hamilton began his courtship of his future wife, Elizabeth Schuyler. 

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Official websites: 
Morristown National Historic Park: History and Culture 
DAR New Jersey State Society: Schuyler-Hamilton House 

Links to related websites:
Revolutionary War Sites in Morristown, New Jersey
Morris County Heritage Commission
Morristown Tourism - Arnold's Tavern Plaque
The Morristown Green - History


How to visit:

With two winter encampments held in Morristown, it is known as the "Military Capital of the Revolutionary War." There are many sites related to Hamilton to visit in Morristown, NJ:

Morristown National Historic Park - Visiting Information

  • Washington's Headquarters Museum and Ford Mansion
  • (Plus Jockey Hollow, Fort Nonsense and The New Jersey Brigade/Cross Estate Gardens)

Schuyler-Hamilton House - Visiting Information

More Sites:
Morristown Green - Hamilton, Washington, and Lafayette Statues
Arnold's Tavern Plaque - Site of Washington's winter headquarters in 1777

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