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Alexander Hamilton School busesAllThingsHamilton.com is a primary resource for students researching or learning about Alexander Hamilton. The website will continually expand and include more information. This section will eventually target all different age groups, including up through university level. 

Also look through our other sections on the website for more information or use the side 'search' bar to find specific topics that you want to learn about.  

Primary School

The primary school section covers grades from Kindergarten to 12th grade (ages 5-18). Resources include children's books, teacher resources, and study guides. 

Original Source Documents about Hamilton

The most accurate way to learn about history is to get it from the source - read some of the 22,000 pages of public documents that Hamilton penned during his life.

Original Source Documents about Hamilton's America

Take a look at historic documents such as the U.S. Constitution, the Federalist Papers, and correspondence between the Founding Fathers.

Trivia and Quizzes

Take a fun approach to learning about Alexander Hamilton with interesting, suprising, and sometimes bizarre trivia. Or test your knowledge about his life and early America with interactive quizzes. 

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