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Alexander Hamilton: Founding the Nation (Part 1)

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leaders of continental congressTrivia: Founding the Nation

Alexander Hamilton was instrumental to the founding of the United States - he was extremely active in the political scene during the post-war period. His involvement included the Congress of the Confederation, the Constitutional Convention, the Federalist Papers, and the New York Ratification Convention. This set of trivia focuses on some of the things Alexander Hamilton did during the time period between the Revolutionary War and George Washington's inauguration. 

 Did you know? 
  • Alexander Hamilton was the only major Founding Father not born in the United States (He was born on the Caribbean island of Nevis).
  • Alexander Hamilton was a NY State Representative in the Continental Congress, the Congress under the Articles of the Confederation, for two different terms (1782-1783, 1788-1789)
  • May 12, 1784: Against a backdrop of rising violence towards Tories who have remained in New York, the legislature strips most of them of the vote for two years. Hamilton argues against these sort of punitive measures, writing, "The world has its eye on America." He has also taken up the defense of Tories fighting claims under the Trespass Act.1
  • June 29, 1784: Hamilton argues his first Trespass Act case, Rutgers v. Waddington, in the Mayor's Court of the City of New York. He urges the judges to strike down the law as a violation of the law of nations and secures a favorable settlement for his Tory client. Although harshly criticized for his actions, Hamilton eventually takes 45 more Trespass Act cases and gains notice for his skilled advocacy.2
  • Hamilton is elected to the New York legislature in April, 1786.
  • Hamilton was the person who made and penned the official call for the Constitutional Convention.
  • The Annapolis Convention, dedicated to commerce issues, was where the official call for the Constitutional Convention was made.
  • In the Constitutional Convention, Hamilton served on the Rules Committee (which established the rules and procedures of the Convention) and the Styles and Arrangement committee (which produced the final version of the Constitution). 

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