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aha logo small is sponsored by The Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society. THE AHA! SOCIETY was founded to educate Americans about the true legacy of Alexander Hamilton. is just one method of doing so, by compiling available information about Hamilton for people to delve into his life. 

The Essence of Alexander HamiltonTM

THE AHA! SOCIETY summarizes "The Essence of Alexander Hamilton's Greatness"TM in two statements:

Alexander Hamilton: George Washington’s Indispensable Partner in War & Peace for over 22 Years

Alexander Hamilton: Created the Vision & Foundations upon which the UNITED States of America Achieved Greatness

Two separate presentations on these statements are available. Learn more

Mission Statement:

It is a moral imperative for the American historical record to reflect that Alexander Hamilton (Dr., Major General, Esq.) is also deserving of America’s highest honors, as “He Created the Vision and Foundations upon which the United States Achieved Greatness.”

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