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video the duelDo you prefer watching movies or clips to learn about history? There are several full-length films and documentaries featuring Alexander Hamilton. His life, the life of other Founding Fathers, and the duel with Aaron Burr are the principal topics of these movies. You can also view shorter online clips that include author interviews, videos from the ThinkHamiltonTM series, and even raps about Hamilton.

You can also check out and subscribe to the Youtube channels for THE AHA SOCIETY and ThinkHAMILTON.

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CelebrateHAMILTON Series

ThinkHAMILTON Series


Re-discovering Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton from PBS's American Experience

The Duel from PBS's American Experience

Video Clips

C-SPAN Videos

All Places Hamilton Clips

Clips For Fun

Songs and Raps

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda at the White House Poetry Jam - A rap about Hamilton from Aaron Burr's perspective
  • I Made America: Alexander Hamilton Responds to Lin-Manuel Miranda - A rap from the perspective of Alexander Hamilton about Aaron Burr

Interviews and Speeches

Clips from Associations Related to Hamilton

Clips on Books or Articles

The Federalist Papers Audiobook

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